A Safer Cleaning Solution For A Safer Environment


About Us

A Family Owned Business

With a vision of a cleaner and safer environment.

What You Can Expect From Us

A cleaner and safer cleaning service with our chemical alternative products that will allow you to work better, feel better, and live better.


Because we are a family owned business and because we are a business, we understand your concerns and priorities.  We are committed to provide our service in a timely manner so you can rest assure that your office or home will be ready waiting for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our services are based on the believe that avoiding harsh chemicals during a clean up, and relying more on chemical alternatives that are as effective, can provide similar or better results for a clean and safer environment at your office or home.  Such results are achieved with the use of products that are safe to breath and safe to the touch, and that are safe for the environment.

No Contracts

At CleanEnvi Cleaning & Sanitizing Solutions, we want you to be worries free with our no contract and no commitment policy.  It allows you to better choose and plan your cleaning based on your needs and budget, and get billed only for the services you need and want

Eco Friendly products to help protect the environment for our future generations.



Our commitment with our community, our clients, our environment, and most importantly, our family, is to use earth derived products only.  By using natural ingridients to create safe cleaning products, we help save our environment, providing a bright future ahead for those coming generations. 


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